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Price: 450 JPY/bag (+tax)
250g/bag (for 5-6 people)

Comparison between Mizutaya's Mozuku and other types of mozuku

Mizutaya's Mozuku is high nutrition food.

Mizutaya's Mozuku is relatively easy to remove salt because it is salted by our original procedure (salinity concentration lower than 15%) Other kinds of salted mozuku are salted in very high salinity concentration (more than 35%) and they take longer time to remove salt. The salinity won't be removed just by washing with water. It has to be soaked into water for at least one night. It's because other kinds of salted mozuku are not made for general consumers. (They aren't for individual customers.) Those are basically for manufacturers. (They are products for manufacturers and they remove salt or flavor for selling.) They are salted in high salinity concentration for long-term preservation. Mizutaya's Mozuku has reduced salinity concentration to the minimum.

There is no other mozuku with high nutrition except Mizutaya's Mozuku!

Mizutaya's Mozuku is easy to remove salt but has relatively long preservation term.

Special Features
Special Features
Special Features

How to remove salt (Please do it as follows)

  1. Take out some mozuku from the bag as much as you need and put it in a draining basket.
  2. Put the draining basket with mozuku in a bowl.
  3. Rub lightly with pouring tap-water.
  4. Drain the water when it gets dirty and rub lightly with pouring tap-water again.
  5. Salt will be removed by doing that about 3 times. (Please don't wash too much.)
  6. Take a little and taste the saltiness. (Slightly salty is fine.)
  7. Eat with your favorite flavor or use it for cooking.


* Notice
The nutrition of Mizutaya's Mozuku could be lost when it is washed with water too much. Also, mozuku can contain too much water. (The texture can become worse.)


Below is a comparison chart of Mizutaya's Mozuku and other mozuku.

Mizutaya's Mozuku
Salted mozuku (easy salt removal is needed) preservation term is fairly long, which is a good feature of salted mozuku. (Usually for 45 days, expiry date) It's fresh because salt is removed just before eating. (Sensitive people might sense the sea smell because of its freshness. It's just a racy smell of seaweed when it was picked from the sea.) The texture of mozuku won't be lost. (It's crunchy and springy.) You can taste the unique texture and the original mouthfeel of mozuku. It can be cooked in various kids of dishes because the mozuku itself is firm. (Ex. Of course eating as it is, deep frying, frying, and boiling are all good.) It's fresh because salt is removed just before eating. In addition, nutrition of mozuku is mostly kept (high nutrition) because only small amount of nutrition flow out to the water. Mozuku don't get swollen because it won't be soaked in water.
Other Mozuku Products Salted mozuku or flavored mozuku has to be washed many times with a lot of water or soaked in water for a long time. It gets swollen. (Flavored mozuku is out of the question. It's more like just drinking vinegar, not eating mozuku. Mozuku is already melted in vinegar.) It doesn't have texture and kind of sticky because it's soaked in the water for a long time. (Some people might feel it's thicker than Mizutaya's Mozuku. It's thick because it's swollen with water.) It can't be cooked because it's swollen with water, too soft and sticky. Important nutrition of mozuku is washed off by water because it's soaked in water for a long time. (Important nutrition in mozuku such as dietary fiber and others are very likely to be flowed out to the water. Especially, dietary fiber in mozuku is water-soluble, so it'll completely flow out to the water.)
Pictures of washed mozuku and flavored mozuku commonly sold in supermarkets

As shown in the chart above, nutrition of washed mozuku is lost because it's soaked in water for a long time. It loses its texture at the same time. Flavored mozuku is not even something to compare with. Mozuku is melted because it's soaked in vinegar for a long time. Some have very little amount of mozuku inside and it's just like drinking vinegar.
*Note (Of course, there are many kinds of products and not all of them are like that. But please keep in mind that most of them are.)

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