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Privacy Policy of Mizuta Shoten and Mizutaya no Gokubuto Shio-mozuku

Mizuta Shoten and Mizutaya no Gokubuto Shio-mozuku (hereinafter Mizuta Shoten, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka) will collect necessary information of yours to smoothly provide our service (provide information on the website, any comments or inquiry, etc.). Collected information will be used within appropriate purpose of use.

Information to be Collected

We may ask your address, name, age, gender, occupation, phone number, website address, or e-mail address in case of collecting comments or inquiry if necessary.

Purpose of Use

Any comments or inquiry sent to us will be used for our reference including information provided optionally. In addition, we would use your e-mail address, address, name, and phone number to answer or confirm about inquiry. These information would be sent to related divisions according on the details.

Restriction of Use or Providing

Mizuta Shoten will not provide any collected information to a third party or use for other purpose in our company, except in case of disclosure request based on laws and regulations, illegal acts such as unauthorized access, threats, etc., or any other special reasons.

Security Guarantee

Mizuta Shoten will take necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of collected information and manage information appropriately.

Range of Application

This privacy policy will be applied only at Mizuta Shoten. Collect of information in any other linked websites will be under responsibility of each organization.


Mizuta Shoten may revise the privacy policy above when necessary.

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