Greatness of Mozuku

A great effect can be expected from Mizutaya's Mozuku. Strengthen your immune system, make your blood more fluid, relieve constipation, prevent hair falling, and make your gastrointestine (especially the large intestine) healthier.

Nutrition of Mozuku

Mozuku has a lot of good nutrition for your body. For example, the most characteristic part, the stickiness contains abundant amount of fucoidan, dietary fiber, and alginic acid. More than that, mozuku also contains fucoxanthin, potassium, vitamins, and minerals. If you eat mozuku daily, you would be able to expect effects that help you such as strengthen your immune system, prevent hair falling or relieve constipation, make your blood more fluid, or keep your stomach healthy. Even more health keeping effect can be expected. We wish you have healthy diet by using Mizutaya's Mozuku in your daily meals.
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Mizutaya no Gokubuto Shio-mozuku Nutritional Component Chart
(amount per 100g)

Nutritional Component Chart after Salt Removal

Calories 4Kcal Moisture Protein Fat Carbohydrate Ash Total
Energy 17Kj 97.7g 0.2g 0.1g 1.4g 0.6g 100g

* Energy Kj (Kilojoules, Energy Measure)

Mizutaya's Mozuku Nutrition Facts Chart

Components Energy Protein Fat Carbohydrate Sodium Potassium Calcium Phosphorus
Measure Kcal g g g mg mg mg mg

4 0.2 0.1 1.4 90 2 22 2

Components Iron Zinc Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Folic Acid Vitamin C
Measure mg mg ug mg mg ug mg

0.7 0.3 15 Small Amount 0.01 2 0

Compontents Cholesterol Dietary Fiber
Measure mg g

0 1.4

* mg is milligram (1/1000 of 1g) * ug is microgram (1/10000 of 1g)

Fucoidan, water-soluble dierary fiber richly contained in Mizutaya's Mozuku is effective for interrupting Helicobacter pylori and prevent gastric ulcer or gastritis.

Additionally, fucoidan has an effect for vanishing cancer cells. It also contains insoluble dietary fiber which has an effect for vanishing 0-157.

Effective Ways to Take Nutrition of Mizutaya's Mozuku

You can take in nutrients effectively by eating with vinegar. The most common mozukusu (mozuku with vinegar) of course, cooking various kinds of mozuku dishes is very effective for good nutrition intake. Heating mozuku is also a good way to take in good nutrition.

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Greatness of Mozuku
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