You are very fortunate to visit this website.
It might be a good chance to improve your diet significantly.

We suppose you, your family, or your friends have never had Mizutaya’s Mozuku or seaweed before.
However, Japanese food has become very popular recently. It is because Japanese food is delicious and beautiful, and it is also very healthy. In France or other countries in Europe, kelp (seaweed), which is original food in Japan, has been drawing attention and being used for Japanese stock seasoning. Seaweed is also eaten in some places in Scandinavian countries, which is famous for longevity of people. You may be surprised by the brownish-black color, the form, and the texture of Mizutaya’s Mozuku. But it is a great food with rich nutrition and a very delicious healthy food. It definitely worth more than its appearance.

Please be free from your conventional eating habits and give it a try!
We strongly believe that it will satisfy you. We would support your healthy diet truly from our heart.

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We want to expand Mizutaya's Mozuku all over the world!
If anyone interested in selling our products in your country, please contact us!

Mizutaya no Gokubuto Shio-mozuku is delicious and easy to cook!
It's high nutrition food that's good for your health! 

We want our visitors to know this.
Our Gokubuto Shio-mozuku is such delicious and healthy food!
We believe you would be really satisfied once you taste it.
Please experience this wonderfulness of Mizutaya no Gokubuto Shio-mozuku!
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You can cook Mizutaya no Gokubuto Shio-mozuku very easily!

Special Features
Special Features
Special Features
Price: 450 JPY/bag (+tax)
250g/bag (for 5-6 people)


We've again analyzed Mizutaya's mozuku in detail and it was proved that Mizutaya's mozuku has nutrition (fucoidan) 4.5 times more than flavored mozuku and 2.5 times more than salt removed and soaked mozuku commonly sold in supermarkets or retail stores. It's proved that Mizutaya's mozuku is high nutrition food (mozuku). We're planning to register it as Foods with Function Claims to Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan. (We're now on progress.)
Please have Mizutaya's mozuku as daily food to support your healthy diet.

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Thank you very much in advance.
Mizutaya's Mozuku Manager: Mizuta

Mizutaya no Gokubuto Shio-mozuku
appeared in West-Japan Daily!

Mizutaya no Gokubuto Shio-mozuku appeared in West-Japan Daily!

Mizutaya no Gokubuto Shio-mozuku is
Registered Trademark!

Mizutaya no Gokubuto Shio-mozuku is Registered Trademark!

Produced in Okinawa, Mizutaya no Gokubuto Shio-mozuku

Produced in Okinawa! Welcome to Mizutaya no Gokubuto Shio-mozuku official website. Thank you very much for visiting our website. We truly appreciate it.
Mizutaya's mozuku is salted by our original procedure. It's very easy to remove salt and enjoy pure taste of mozuku. We accept orders from all around the world.

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